Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How Do I Create a Project?

To get started on your artistic journey with RMusic, simply follow these steps

  • From the projects screen, select the + symbol in the top right corner
  • Then, choose pre existing audio or create your own to be the base of your project.
  • Finish choosing options for your project (tempo, key, etc) and hit confirm.
How Do I Delete a Take?

When recording, we all know not every take is going to be a masterpiece. Thankfully, RMusic makes it simple to correct your mistakes and trim the fat off your recordings.

  • To delete a take, first find the one you’d like to remove
  • Then, either Swipe left until a prompt appears asking if you’re sure you want to delete it or Swipe left and choose delete.
  • Click confirm

How Do I Delete a Project?

Sometimes, writers get frustrated with their previous projects. If you ever feel the need to delete one of your old works, it’s very simple.

  • To delete an entire project, click the details tab 2.
  • Hit the blue delete button at the bottom of the screen
  • How Do I Rename My Project?

    To make it easier to identify and distinguish your work, a unique title is one of the best sorting tools you can have. You have the power to keep yourself from mistaking one project from another by doing the following.

  • Open your project and click the details tab.
  • Click the bar with your project’s name in it and change it to whatever you want.
  • How Do I Rename My Take?

    If you need to single out a specific take or part in your song, you can change the title of the recording until you have plans for what you want to do with it.

  • In the project you’re working on, click yourself in the “people” tab on the bottom”
  • Select the take you wish to rename and scroll to the left as if you were going to delete it.
  • Instead, click the blue rename button.
  • How Do I Add Lyrics?

  • When you finish creating a take, tap the box on the lower half of the screen.
  • Type whatever lyrics you wish to add. They will autosave so there is no need to worry about losing them.
  • You can also export them by tapping the box in the top right of the screen when adding lyrics and hitting export
  • How Do I Use the Rhyming Dictionary?

    Using the rhyming dictionary is simple, you’ll find the perfect word to advance in writing your song in no time.

  • Open project
  • Find your own profile in the “people” tab
  • Open one of your takes
  • Swipe right on the bottom screen
  • Type in a word you’re trying to find a rhyme for.
  • How Do I Remove Someone from a Project?

    If you find yourself needing to cut ties from another creator, or need to isolate yourself to finish your work, RMusic can make it as simple as the push of a button.

  • Open your project
  • Hover over the “people” tab
  • Click the person you want to remove
  • Hit the X on the left side of their picture.
  • How Do I Change My Password?

    To change your password, all you must to is follow these simple steps

  • Hit the tab button on the top left of the screen
  • Select the “Profile” tab
  • Click the “Change Password” button near the bottom of the screen
  • Input your current password, type in your new password under it, and confirm that new password under that.
  • How Do I Invite My Friends?

    One of RMusic's best features is the ability to collaborate on projects with other musicians like you! Follow the steps below to get your friends together to create!

  • Open your project
  • Hover over the invite tab.
  • If they are a contact on your phone, you should be able to find them easily by typing their name on your phone into the box.
  • Select the blue "Add" button next to the search box
  • How Do I Communicate With Others through RMusic?

    To make sure you're all on the same page, RMusic has a message feature.

  • Open the project with the people you’d like to talk to
  • Hover over the “message” tab on the bottom of the screen
  • Type in the message box.
  • What is my Library?

    Your library houses every take you make, from all projects. You can find and listen to every take you make there. If you are for some reason removed from a project you had recorded takes in, they are still available to you in your library, as it is where every take you create is documented.

    How Do I Add Takes to a Project?

    Once you learn the basic steps, adding takes is easy! Soon you will be creating so many takes you won’t know what to do with them all.

  • Open the project
  • Tap the red R on top of the screen
  • Create a title for your take
  • Tap the red R once again
  • Record your take
  • Once you’re finished, tap the red R to stop recording
  • Tap the box in the top right, and hit “share”
  • How Do I Add to Someone Else's Take?

    When you want to communicate how a take fits or doesn’t fit, you can copy another’s take in a group you are both in together. This helps when dissecting your projects and trying to make them as cohesive as possible

  • Open project
  • Hover over the “people” tab
  • Open another user’s take list
  • Scroll their take to the left and copy it
  • Go back to the people tab and open your takelist
  • Find the newly copied take and open it
  • Record over the shared take
  • How Do I Export A Take?

    A project owner has the ability to export any collaborators take, while if you do not own the project you are only able to export your own take.

  • Open project
  • Select your profile in the “People” tab
  • Find the take you’d like to export and scroll left on it
  • Click the gray “export” button
  • Decide where you’d like to export your file
  • What is Offline Mode?

    In offline mode you can do everything except share and invite people. If you find yourself on a plane and are suddenly struck with inspiration for a new take, you can record it, even offline.

    What is the Invite Page?

    The Invite page is a place to keep track of the project invites you send and recieve. There you can resend invites, and keep track of if they are accepted.

    How Do Subscriptions work?

    Subscriptions control how many projects you are allowed to be working on at once. You start with a limit of 10 projects, and this is option is free of charge. Once you attempt to make your 11th project you will be prompted to upgrade. The next step up from the default option is having 20 projects at once, for $2.99 a month. The final step up is having an unlimited amount of projects for $4.99 a month. If you wish to downgrade, you will be forced to delete projects until you reach the alloted amount of projects.