The Sound Of RMusic

Take the drawing board with you! RMusic allows you to document your ideas from your phone anywhere you go!

Add Lyrics

No matter where you are, inspiration will strike. Enjoy having a place for each carefully crafted word to reside!"

Collab With Friends

If you aren't working solo, no need to worry! RMusic allows you to make and work on projects with other RMusic users free of charge!

Rhyming Dictionary

If you find yourself stuck, try using our rhyming dictionary to help you push on. You find a rhyme and also save some time!

Not only vocals...

With an adapter, you can record into RMusic with nearly any instrument!

Everywhere's a Studio

Lay down some tracks from anywhere! RMusic also functions on airplane mode, so the sky is truly the limit.


Work Together Forever

Work with friends to perfect your vision! Don't be afraid to bring in as many perspectives as you need.

  • Add your friends to your productions by sending them invites.
  • You can work on 10 projects simultaneously for free.

Word of Ear

RMusic allows you to export projects upon compeletion! They can be put directly into dropbox or messaged to someone else. From your brain to your phone to your downloads folder!

Keep Track of your Greatest Hits

Keeping track of so many song ideas is hectic and difficult to maintain, so we hope you enjoy your own personal filing cabinet!